Two Wyze smart bulbs in 2 separate groups

I have one group with four Wyze smart bulbs in it.

My challenge is that I’d like to add a second group containing 2 of the bulbs from Group 1, but with schedules set that do don’t overlap Group 1. How can I accomplish this ?

Group 1- on sunset, off 9:50pm- bulbs 1,2,3,4
Group 2- on 9:51pm off sunrise- bulbs 1 and 2 only.

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Wyze devices can’t be in two separate groups at the same time. They can only be in one group and they can’t be subgrouped.

EDIT: I just thought of a simpler way without modifying the 4 bulb group: just create a second schedule rule for on at 9:51pm off at sunrise and select the individual bulbs 1 & 2 as the devices, not the entire group. Otherwise :point_down:

You will need to remove bulbs 3 and 4 from the 4 Bulb Group and create a Bulb Group B, renaming the original group Bulb Group A (bulbs 1 & 2). Then add Bulb 3 and 4 to Bulb Group B.

Go to the original schedule rule for the 4 bulb Group “On at Sunset”, and modify the Devices so that it reflects the same command (I assume you use Turn On) but you will select two device groups: Group A (bulbs 1 & 2) and Group B (bulbs 3 & 4).

Create another rule schedule rule for on at 9:51pm off at sunrise but only select Group A (bulbs 1 & 2) as the device.


Thanks Slabslayer
I’ll try it tonight


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In addition to what @SlabSlayer indicated above, you can actually setup a rule and then set the action on the individual bulbs.

so basically, you can leave Group 1 alone and the instead of using Group 2, your Rule would Reference Bulb 1 and 2 for the actions independently. Especially on the Off option.


I just realized that you are turning bulbs 1 & 2 on at sunset, off at 9:50pm, and back on 1 minute later and running them to sunrise.

No need to have the Group 1 rule turn them off at all.

Rule #1: On at Sunset, Off at 9:50pm, Bulbs 3 & 4
Rule #2: On at Sunset, Off at Sunrise, Bulbs 1 & 2


Good catch. I missed that myself.

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@SlabSlayer @spamoni4
Thanks for taking the time to think this through for me. I’ll attach the two rules. I’ve set up based on your input. Thanks again. :grinning:

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Looks good. Except for Thursday on G3 and G4. Is there something special about Thursdays that you don’t want these lights to come on?

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Lol. Just checking on how close you are looking.

I noticed that Thursday got turned off accidentally and I fixed it right after my last post. You do look close. :+1:




Update- working as hoped. Thanks