How to see motion events when using continuous recording

I’ve got continuous recording to SD turned on for a camera. I also have “Record Motion Events” turned on. Yet, I cannot find where to see when motion events were detected. The “Live” view just offers Record, Photo, Album (which has nothing), Timelapse, Siren, and Sound/Speak buttons. The “Playback” view offers somewhat similar buttons and a timeline (which doesn’t have any lines on it to indicate detection).

How does one find a list of motion event times?

The Record Motion Events setting within the Event Recording Device Settings menu only applies to Cloud Uploaded Events. Those are the Events you will see when you press the Events button at the bottom of the Home Page.

Events that show there are not playing from the SD Card. They were uploaded to the Wyze server when the Event happened (and you were notified if you have notifications on) and are being streamed from the server to your App when you play them. If you do not have a subscription, these will only be Thumbnail Snapshot images. With Cam Plus Lite, these will be 12s videos. Cam Plus videos are full length Event Videos.

If you have any of the Quick Filter buttons at the top of the Events page selected (blue), that will limit what you see in the Events page and potentially hide other events. If you press the Funnel Icon button, you can set filters to show only the cams and types of events you select. Pressing Clear All will remove All filters so that you see every event.

When you open an Event from the Events page, there will be a bar at the bottom labeled View Playback. That is the button that will jump to that exact time on the SD Playback video when the event occured. That is how you can view video of that Event from the SD Card Playback if you have no subscription and only get Thumbnail Snapshots in the Events list.

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