How to save and share video on SD card

Other than pulling the camera down to plug it or the SD card into my computer, is there a way to save a portion of a clip from the app? I’ve got video of the cleaning lady taking a sticky note from my desk and then putting it over the camera! I want to save that but pulling the camera down is a pain. Any thoughts?

The firmware and Wyze app changes to allow recording of playback are currently in beta. But that probably won’t help you now before your card gets overwritten.

For now, if lieu of getting the card out of the camera, you could use the camera button during playback in the app to capture a couple of stills.

Or, if you are using an iOS 11 device, you could put the playback in landscape mode and do a screen recording. You won’t have sound, but it doesn’t sound like you need it for this purpose. I don’t know if Android has a screen recording ability. More on iOS 11 screen recording:

Unfortunately, since the Wyze app doesn’t rotate with the phone orientation, the video in landscape (full screen) mode will be sideways. You can rotate it with iMovie, or record it in regular (portrait) mode and optionally crop it in iMovie.

Awesome news. Thanks.

When inserting a SD card do I need to turn off the camera, or just insert it?


I’ve only just inserted mine when powered on, seems ok. I’m using a 64 gig card and seems to be churning along ok.

I’ve done both but recall having to power down the camera before is recognized the SD card. Once I did that they’ve all worked fine. I’m using 64GB cards.