Transfer video footage via usb to computer?

Hi community -

Just bought my first wyze cam. I’m going to invest in the micro sd, but before i do, once i have 3 days of footage, can i connect my cam via the usb to my chromebook and transfer footage…just like you would photos on your phone?


You must physically remove the microSD card, then copy the files off.

The USB port in the back is for power only.

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So, you would have to put the SD card into your phone to make the transfer?? I’m asking b/c I travel a lot and if I catch something on video that I need to save as proof, I need the ability to be able to do that!

If not, perhaps the wyze cam is not for me… :confused:

There are presently two ways to save the footage off the SD card:

  1. remove the card from the camera and retrieve the footage on a computer or other device that can read the card and transfer off files.

  2. While Viewing Playback in the Wyze app, tap the Record button. This will start saving the video to the Wyze album in your phone’s camera roll. When you are done, press Stop. You can now retrieve the footage from the phone’s camera roll as you would any other video that you saved.


@Loki: THANK you! That’s awesome.

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RickO, in following your excellent tutorial on recording playback, I noticed something. If I rotate my iPhone to horizontal (full screen) in Live Stream mode, the record button is on the bottom right and the photo button is upper right. If I review Playback in horizontal (full screen), the buttons are reversed with record being the upper right and photo the bottom right. Is this just to keep us on our toes? I’m such a creature of habit, I’m taking photos when I mean to record and visa versa. Would anyone be upset if we asked for these to be consistent? It’s the little things.

Good point. I’ll pass it along.

where is the tutorial - can you post the link? thx