Transferring video files

I did search before I asked. How do I transfer the stored video from the camera’s SD card to my laptop? I searched the files on my phone but did not find what I was looking for. I tried to find a way while viewing the video from within the Wyze app but I did not see a way. Thanks.

The only way to transfer it would be to remove the card and put it in the laptop to transfer the files.

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If you want to transfer the entire contents of the card you would need to take the card to the computer.

However, if you just want a few seconds to a few minutes, then it depends on how easily your phone can talk to your computer.

For me on iOS, I would enter Playback mode, record a few seconds or minutes of the playback to my local phone gallery, then transfer that clip to my Mac using AirDrop.

You can also email clips up to around 20 MB in size on most email systems. You may also be able to use Dropbox, etc.

Sending 12-second Events would be similar.

This is very dependent on your phone and laptop’s capabilities.

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Well, I guess that I am out of luck here on this. The camera is mounted in a housing on my front porch and I am using an Android phone. I’ll keep working on it. Maybe I’ll come up with something. Thanks for the replies and suggestions guys! :+1:

You should be able to install something like DropBox on both, assuming you don’t want the entire card’s contents.

I came up with a solution right after my last post. While viewing the segment of the timeline I want to transfer in the playback feature, I simply set up that timeline just before the starting point and tap the record icon in the playback feature. I then record just what I want to see on my laptop then once the recording is made, I tap the “Album” icon to go to where the recording was saved then I transfer the video to my laptop via Bluetooth to a folder I created for these videos on my desktop. Worked like a charm but the playback resolution is not as good as I had hoped. Maybe I’ll find a cleaner way to transfer the video. As I always say… “Endeavor to Persevere”. :smile: