How do you transfer data w/o SD card

I actually never used an SD card before and keep forgetting to purchase that thing-a-ma-jig that allows you to slide your SD card into your computer. Soooo, I have a clip that I wanted to listen to on my computer (there’s no movement, just sound recording on cam). I was able to send it to my email inbox and download the info. However, my pc asked me what program I wanted to open the file with. I chose the only thing that made sense to me, which was my media player. The file transferred and my media player automatically opened up. It was a lousy picture and worse, my media player said that the sound was ‘unsupported sound’ ??? So, I didn’t hear anything. I wanted the file on my computer because of what I heard and not what could be seen.

Any one have any idea how I could go about opening the file? Also, where can I get info on how to transfer data from the SD card to my computer? Will I be asked the same question as to how I want to open the files on the SD card. If so, what do I open it with since my media player doesn’t work very well with the cam media?

People generally use VLC. It’s free (open source and no crap) and plays almost anything.


You can’t transfer data from the SD to the computer from the cam. If you had a SD and a V3 you could go to playback and record the event from there. Just go buy a good 32 GB micro SD card, they all come with the adapter that goes into the slot on a PC. You have to take the SD out of the camera to view it. If you are using windows 10 you can just send the video to yourself like you did, download it to your computer. Once it is on your computer right click it and open with Movies and TV or Windows Media player, I do it all the time and it works, Or as suggested use VLC. If you right click the MP4 video and choose open with this is what you will see.


EDIT*** Why don’t you just download the event you want to the device your WYZE app is on an play it on that? A lot easier than transferring the file to your email, downloading it to your PC and trying to play it that way.

will look into that, thx

Yeah, I get the picture! :wink: Thx for the info… not sure I got the choice to open the file with Movies and TV, but I will take another look.