How to replace batteries in the Wyze lock, without having to reinstall it

I have replaced batteries in the Lock a couple times and each time, I had to re-install it to get it working again. Batteries last a long time, guessing 4-6 months, but it is a pain to have to re-install it to make it work again.
Any ideas, tricks appreciated…pvp

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I have read of several other people having a similar issue, so I know what you’re saying is happening to you. I don’t know why though.

When my batteries died, I put new ones in and the lock didn’t require me to do anything else besides put in new batteries. I didn’t need to re-install it or re-calibrate it or anything. I have also tested a few other times by completely removing the batteries for a few minutes then putting them back in, and everything still works as normal when battery power is restored.

I don’t know what the difference is though. Maybe one of the settings you use that I don’t is the difference (which would mean this is a bug that should be fixed), or maybe it’s something else. Will you submit a “Log” for the Lock to Wyze and post the number for it here, and I’ll set a reminder on your post to remind me to post this in the next “Fix It Friday” bug reporting event and we’ll see if someone from Wyze can look into it since it isn’t happening to everyone, but you’re definitely not the first person reporting that this happens to them. They should figure out the cause, because that would be inconvenient.

EDIT: Nobody has posted logs for this issue as requested, and I can’t reproduce it, so I am not going to submit it in the fix-it-friday event.

As a side note, happy forum anniversary!

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