Wyze lock battery replacement instructions?

Approaching the 6 month mark of use and got a first low battery alert at around 20%. Figured I get to it sooner than later. I went to look for battery replacement steps in the manual but for the life of me I can’t find a link to a Wyze Lock manual document. Nor any other “article” covering the subject of replacement of batteries of an already installed unit.
So my question is should I be worried of resetting the lock in any way after pulling the batteries or is it momentary power loss fool proof and so there no need for battery replacement instructions? The two banks of batteries makes me wonder if perhaps formal replacement steps would entail replacing one pair first and then the other to avoid total power disconnect. If so is it important which order they are replaced?
I’m probably over thinking this but I want to avoid needless calibration or Bridge pairing.

I have replaced mine and did not have to mess with anything in the app, it did take a few minutes for the battery percentage to update in the app but that was it.

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Thanks Jason. Do you recall if you pulled all 4 batteries, then put 4 new ones in? Or pulled 2 from one side, replace those 2, then repeated same for the remaining 2?

Either way will be fine as long as you replace all 4 batteries.

Ok thanks. I just got confirmation from Wyze that there is no manual document for the Wyze Lock (weird for a featured product such as this?).
They also said there should be no difference between taking out all batteries and then replacing vs replacing one pair 1st, then replacing the other remaining pair.

I removed all 4 then inserted 4 new ones, but as has been pointed out it will not matter either way