Is there a hard reset for the Lock?

I recently had to replace the batteries. Initially, I attempted to use rechargeables and found they don’t work, so I switched to normal Duracell alkaline batteries, however the lock will only start, run through calibration, then stops responding after a couple minutes. If I remove all the batteries and replace them again, the lock will start up, calibrate and then shut down. I would think removing the batteries would hard reset it, but on the oft chance there is something akin to a CMOS reset inside I figured I’d post here as I can’t get through to customer service online.

when you replace the batteries you shouldn’t have to reset it. I have replaced mine numerous times and have not had to reset it yet.

what batteries are you currently using?

Duracell coppertops currently. I tried the Energizer Ultimate lithiums as those have a higher tested output, as well as the standard Energizers but same story with those.

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when you say it shuts down…what do you mean by that?

Stops connecting to the hub and the little light inside the unit that glows green or red is just blank. In other words is non-functional.

what color is the light on the hub?

The hub light is green and I can connect to that fine. It just doesn’t see the door lock and the door lock doesn’t have any lights on it. If I remove all the batteries and reinsert them, the lock will relink to the hub and I can initiate the calibration process, but after a few minutes the door lock disconnects from the hub and the the status light turns off. The system was working fine since August, it was only after changing the batteries that this issue began.

thats quite odd.

you didnt by chance remove the batteries accidently during the calibration process ( not sure if that would cause this or not…doesn’t seem like it would) or even possibly during an update?

No, the batteries have only been removed when the door lock reads the battery level at zero… which currently takes about 5 minutes to happen. It will give you the “battery low” after putting new batteries in and then ask to recalibrate (I understand that it can take a while for the “battery low” message to disappear). After about 5 minutes the door lock just stops responding and the batteries appear dead (I don’t have an battery tester to verify how dead, they work in a flashlight and such - however reusing the same batteries in the lock doesn’t work). At this point I still haven’t received a response from support either, which is very annoying. I’m queuing in line to see if I can submit another ticket or get ahold of someone. I really should have spent the extra money on a vender that supports their product.

So update on this. Never was able to get ahold of support. However, after some experimenting I disabled autolock and the lock seems to not kill the batteries instantly. I then disabled the 1 minute delay I had put on autolock, then re-enabled autolock and the batteries don’t seem to instantly get drained. Through a little experimentation it seems that the position sensor is just spamming if you enable the autolock delay. So, bad code that should have been caught in review. After this complete lack of support from Wyze, I’ve decided to look into upgrading my system to another manufacture. It’s amusing that this all occurred right as I was about to place another Wyze order. I think they make good products for the price, but support is critical for home security items.
<Edit/Update> Left the house for 5 hours and when I got back, the lock was dead. So, I will try disabling autolock all together.