How to record actual footage on my cameras...currently only stills

I had an incident in the early morning hours and when I went to pull the footage, all I had was one still and one 10 second clip. Useless.

I have 5 cameras (2 outdoor, 3 indoor).

I currently have:
Cam Plus (1x Single Camera Monthly Plan & 1x Single Camera Annual Plan for 2 cameras)
Cam Plus Light

The plans and subscriptions are so confusing with Wyze.

How do I actually configure my cams/account to record actual video? Stills are pretty useless when one is wanting to record incidence and crime.

Is there a way to have cams start recording with motion and stop when motion is not detected?

Cams assigned to Cam Plus will upload videos to the Cloud stored Events List so long as there is motion occuring in the frame. Your Sensitivity setting on the cam and your Event Recording settings will affect the frequency at which this happens. Cam Plus assigned cams are not subject to any cooldown and will record back to back videos.

Cams assigned to Cam Plus Lite are limited to 12s video uploads and are subject to a 5 minute cooldown between video uploads. Again, your cam settings are important.

Most users find it very beneficial to use a High Endurance, large capacity SD Card in the cam recording continuously so that there is always a local copy of the video for backup.

Specific configuration settings for your cams will be difficult to suggest or walk you thru without knowing the specific model of each cam and the subscription that is on that cam. Cam capabilities and user interface varies between cam models.