How to prevent Wyze app from interrupting my audiobooks/music

Hi, sorry if the subject is not specific, I am not sure how to define it in a few words.

But I listen to audiobooks a lot from my phone with my headphones.

Anytime I open the wyze app and then connect to a camera my book will stop and it will basically go into a sort of phone call or something, even if I’m not specifically trying to use the 2-way audio feature and have all sound recording disabled on the camera.

if I push the button on my headphones used to pause, or end call, I will hear "call ended" and the microphone has been disabled (can tell by the sound in my headphones).

However, if I were to just view a camera, then press the back or home button the wyze app still has my microphone active and I must force close the app or use the ‘end call button’.

I removed all permissions except storage, including microphone. After restarting my device, when I’m listening to a book and I open the wyze app, as soon as I connect to a camera, my audio playback stops. I can tell its not using the microphone base on the sound in my headphones, but I still can’t view cameras without it interrupting anything I’m listening too.

So why is my Wyze app going into some sort of phone call when I view a camera?
is there any way this can be at least disabled by the user when 2-way audio with the cameras is not desired at all?

yea, i get that, i was more asking if there was something i could do about it.
Am i right in my guess that it’s part of the 2-way audio function?

but regarding possible bugs, it would be nice if it closed its connection to the mic without having to force close the app too. :wink: