Stop audio from muting when mic is shut off

So I was hoping this was just a minor thing I would get use too but unfortunately it’s not and it’s crazy annoying.

My wife and I have had several different phone models and anytime we try to speak through our cameras while the audio is playing, the second we stop the mic it also mutes the cameras speakers.

Example: we pull up camera to say something to kids, audio is on so we can hear them.

We press the mic button and speak through the camera, but if we release the mic button or press it to stop our voice through the camera it mutes the audio and we can’t hear responses unless we immediately return the audio back on. I feel if audio is on, then I press the mic, the speaker should turn back on or stay on when I’m done talking.

It stays on while I’m talking so why not just leave it on when I’m done.

This should not be happening. In my testing, both on the Pan Cam and the V2, the audio from the camera remains on after using the mic function.

Which model camera are you using? What version of the Wyze app on Android or iOS? What is the firmware version on the camera?

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I have the Pan, V2, and V1 and it does this on all cameras.

Firmware is up to date on all cameras and we are using the latest version of the Android app as of today’s date.

When you are using the microphone function via your device, you are sure you can be heard on the other end over the cameras speakers?

I did some testing with my V2s (my pancam is unplugged and I am not home to test).

  1. “Sound” is off, and I press voice to speak. Result: I am not hearing audio audio untill I let off voice, and when I let off “voice”, my “sound” activates and I can hear audio.
  2. “Sound” on and I press “voice” to speak. Receive audio mutes, while I have voice pressed. Receive audio resumes after I let off voice.

I can only replicate the above issue if I press “sound” thinking it’s the “voice” function, then the above occurs.

The V2 is single duplex audio. That means that when you transmit to the camera, the camera’s mic is muted and vice versa.

The Pan is bi-directional audio. You can talk and listen at the same time.

That’s why the speak button for the V2 goes off when you release it, but the button for the Pan stays on until you tap it again.

Sounds like this might be an iOS vs Android issue. Perhaps some other Android users can test and report.

Yep, I was just voicing my testing trying to recreate the OPs issue.

I just tested this on a V2 with app V2.4.82 , app V2.530 and app V2.5.33
They are all working normally
I can hear audio from the camera , then pressing the mic button I hear audio coming out of the camera when I release the mic button I can hear audio coming from the camera.
However both of my cam pans are acting exactly as the OP described

My pan does the same. Sound on and tap voice to speak to my kids and when I tap voice again to turn off the mic it mutes the sound. I too find it pretty damn annoying, but I just always make sure to tap the sound button to turn it back on quickly to hear the reply. Using latest Wyze app on Android phone and tablet.

On my V2’s i usually have the audio set off so you cant hear anything happening in the room. after I press the mic button to talk the sound from the room the camera is in automatically comes on.

I am having the same problem occur with our brand new fully updated wyze pan cam I installed last night. The mic and speaker set up seems very weak as well. When a voice does come through it is broken up and garbled and yes signal strength is in the 80s.

The weak speaker might be a firmware issue…