Two-Way Audio

Hi guys,

Can someone please explain how the two way audio works?

A video would be greatly appreciated!


See attached.

I still don’t get it though. Does your voice go through once you release the voice button?

No, push and hold button B. Pause a sec to give the camera and app a chance to catch up. Then (while still holding down B) start talking. You will see graphic C stay on the screen while you are holding B. When you are done talking, let go of B. It works just like the push to talk button on an old CB radio or basically any two way radio transciever.

Button A to listen to the camera works differently. With that button, you tap it once to turn on listening and tap it again to turn off. When you turn it on, the little “x” is replaced by a sound wave symbol and the button turns green.

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If you’re following those steps and still don’t hear anything, it’s possible you didn’t grant the app permissions to your microphone.

Check this out:

I see. Thank you so much!

Permissions isn’t much issue as all of my v2 are working fine, it is only my pan cams that I’m not able to. Broadcast from.

This worked perfectly! Thank you kpkammer! I had to grant iphone microphone permissions on the Wyze app.