Two Way Audio

We’ve currently got two cameras setup. My wife can use the two-way audio through her iPhone 6, but for some reason mine doesn’t work on the iPhone 7. When I hold the button and talk, i can hear (from the app) an echo of what i said, so I think the app picked it up… Though that could be from the camera. I’ve ensured the app has microphone access.


Any ideas?

See this from the FAQ page:

How do I use 2-way audio?
2-way audio allows users to listen and talk through the WyzeCam. It works like a walkie-talkie so you can speak or listen but you can’t do both at the same time.

Tap into the live stream feed view of an individual camera to use the 2-way audio feature.

To talk through the camera: Hold down the Voice icon. The camera will automatically turn on the sound to listen for a response when you release the Voice icon.

To listen through the camera: Tap the Sound icon to turn on sound for your live stream.

To use 2-way audio, the Wyze App must be able to access the microphone on your phone.

On iOS: go to your phone’s Settings. Tap Wyze. Turn on the toggle for Microphone.

On Android, go to your phone’s Settings. Tap Apps. Tap Wyze. Tap Permissions in the App Settings section. Turn on the toggle for Microphone

I have found that my experience will vary. Sometimes I have to hold down the microphone and then release to listen. Sometimes I have to hold down the microphone, release, and then turn the speaker back on. And sometimes I can tap the microphone and have a conversation without any additional input. The third scenario I find to be the most user friendly and would be great if that is how it could work all the time. Any feedback would be appreciated to help me have a more consistent experience.

Also keep in mind that push to talk works differently between the V2 and Pan. On the V2, you must hold down the talk button. On the Pan, you tap it once and it stays engaged until you tap again.

Tech note: this is because the Pan is full duplex audio while the V2 is single duplex, due to hardware limitations.