Microphone doesn’t work

No sound when using microphone. I can hear the sound on my phone but it doesn’t actually play on Wyze pan cam.

The way to play audio from your App to the camera is to hold the “Speak” button from the Live View screen down while you are speaking. When you let the button go what you spoke while holding the button down is sent to the camera. Does this help? Or did I misunderstand your question?

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Just an added note to reduce confusion, Wyze changed it from “Speak” to “Voice” but it is the same mic button in the live view. They need to update the support page information on this as well.

That’s what I thought was required. Doesn’t work.

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If it’s not working for you I would suggest opening a Support Ticket. We are actually users just like you we don’t actually work for Wyze. Their support team is pretty neat to work with and they have tools and info we may not.

You can open a ticket here.

Thanks. Thought I’d check with community. Didn’t find anything online specific to the cure


Making sure I understand, you try and use the app to speak through the camera using the phones microphone, there is no audio on the camera speakers? But when you use the app to listen to the audio from the cameras microphone, there IS audio coming through the app?

When you press the voice button, does it do anything? Do you get a permission denied? Does your app have microphone permissions enabled?

All is well as you perfectly described. I get no errors, only permission with no result. All permissions granted. Thanks