Mic (voice) not working

I just setup my first Wyze (pan) camera. I’m loving it but have run into a small issue. When I press the mic button the camera is not sending my voice.

When I ran the setup I heard the audio prompts so I know the speaker works. When I watch the recordings I hear sound so I know the recorded audio is working. When I press the mic button it turns green so it’s recognizing my button press. I’ve updated to the latest firmware.

I’m on Android. The first time I used the mic it asked for permission to my microphone(which I allowed). I’ve also checked the app settings and microphone is enabled.

I checked for audio options in the app to see if there’s a volume but didn’t see one.

I can’t figure out why when I use the mic it’s not playing on the pan camera.

My pan might have had this same issue. Was wondering if anyone can confirm?

There is currently a bug with Samsung phones that Wyze is investigating with Samsung. This may be related to both of your issues.

I should’ve mentioned that I have a Galaxy s9+ phone.

Thanks for the heads up on the potential Samsung issue. I will keep an eye out on updates/patch notes.

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Did anyone come up with a solution?