One way audio only

I can hear the sounds from the room around the Wyze Cam Pan but when I try the Mic button in the app I hear nothing from the cam. I did hear the setup voice properly so I know the speaker in the cam works.

iOS or Android? Make sure that you have given the Wyze app permission to use the microphone.

Cam firmware Android app v1.4.18. Microphone permission given already.

Try holding down the mic button for a second or two before you speak, continue holding it while you speak, and continue holding for another second or two after you speak. See if you hear it then. It takes a little getting used to how long to hold the mic button since there’s a slight delay.

If that doesn’t help, I’d suggest deleting and reinstalling the Wyze app.

The volume is a lot lower than the setup voice which is why I didn’t hear it when I tested it. Are there any adjustments possible?

No, there is no volume control. You might want to try a factory reset on the camera, and if that doesn’t work, then re-flashing the firmware. See the troubleshooting guide here: