How to improve outdoor cam at night

Looking for suggestions on how to improve video at night, right now, it’s basically pitch black. Camera is 8 feet of the ground, on the side of the house, monitoring a gate that cannot be seen. I’ve already done: recycle base station, verified firmware update, toggled night vision mode, toggled IR lights, no combination helps.


It looks like the IR light is reflecting off of the wall and the ceiling quite a bit, this effectively blinds the camera, try to aim the camera so as it sees minimal effects from the wall and the ceiling. You will get far better visuals if the IR light is not reflecting off of anything.


Thanks that helped

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You can also buy a cheap IR emitter that floods much more IR light over a much longer distance than the few small IR led’s in the camera itself. I have two, both with a built in photocell that turns it on automatically when it gets dark outside. This larger one overlooks my side yard and invisibly lights up the whole area so that when the camera is on night vision mode, I see everything, even 75 feet away. : LONNKY LED IR Illuminator Wide Angle 8-LEDs 90 Degree 100Ft IR Infrared Flood Light for CCTV Security Cameras, IP Camera, Bullet Camera, Dome Camera, Suitable for Outdoor Use(White) : Electronics

I also have this smaller cheaper one that does the same thing in a smaller area. It just doesn’t reach as far. CMVision IR30 WideAngle IR Illuminator : Electronics

That is pretty cool didn’t know you could do that. Unfortunately that would make this almost a hundred dollar camera, and if I have to plug something in, wouldn’t I just get the $30 v3 camera which performs way better at night?

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