Using external IR lights outside to see much better at night

I picked up a couple IR lights on Amazon to help my V2’s see at night. They are working out nicely and thinking about adding another 1 or 2 as well.

Here are some before and after images.

Screenshot_20200517-212729_WyzeAlpha !

I have an older/larger one in the back yard as well.

I just need to add a smaller IR light to the front porch (bottom right view) to cover the front sidewalk and adjust the other one now.


Link to lights purchased would be awesome!

@OBXNC-Jack my bad, totally meant to but apparently I forgot the link.

Here it is now though.


And here is the link for the other one as well.

Thank you Sir! Looks like ANOTHER Amazon order for today! :slight_smile:

What a difference! :smiley: Thanks for posting!

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