Infrared light

Hello All,

First post, tried to find the answer myself, but couldn’t find what I was looking for.

I have 3 cameras, 2 of them are setup outside, the 3rd one is behind a window, when I have the Infrared light on, I get a bad glear from the window, doesn’t really work out to well, but when I shut off the light, it seems like the night vision isn’t as great as the other 2 that have the light on.

Any fixes for this? Do I just leave the light off on this camera?

And actually, while I’m typing this, another question came into my head.

What is the distance the camera can see at night?

Thanks for your time and sorry if the answer was here, just couldn’t find it.

The IR lights make it difficult to see through windows at night as you have seen. The distance they can reliably see is 15-30 feet under most conditions.

One solution is to turn the IR lights off on the camera and mount an external IR illuminator outside to “illuminate” the area the camera is watching. I use and am happy with the one below.

CMVision IRP6-940nm Invisible WideAngle 6pc High Power LED IR Array Illuminator


If you mount the camera behind glass, you will have to turn off the internal IR lights to avoid the glare.

If you want to see in the dark, you will need a separate IR source.

Here is the IR source I am using with a few cameras pointed outside.

I have them mounted to the glass hung from a suction cup near the cameras. Works pretty good.