Infared Floodlight help outdoor performance?

I have several pan cameras mounted on a detached shop. They have waterproof cases from Amazon and are well under the eave. During the day they work great but at night the cameras IR lights hardly make a difference, being they are 13’ off the ground. Has anyone tried using a supplemental IR Floodlight with luck? Something similar to this.


Yes, I use one much smaller than the one you posted but may go bigger. Here’s a photo of a view from my camera. The shed and camper are about 75 feet away:

And this was the cheap little IR illuminator I used.

I also use one that’s smaller but very useful!
Below that is a picture using it.

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I had a big problem seeing in my back yard. The camera is mounted inside, so it’s looking out a window and you can’t use the IR. I tried it outside and could only see 5 feet. So I Went on amazon and bought and mounted a night activated, weather proof Tendelux 150ft IR Illuminator |90° Wide Angle 850nm LED IR Light for Security Camera (w/Power Adapter and don’t miss a thing now. So before I could barely see the table on my deck, this is what I can see now:

And that’s actually a bad picture. The mount slid down a bit and I need to move it back up to illuminate my whole yard. But Highly recommend it, it’s well worth it.
Here’s a good pic with the yard mostly illuminated:

I bought a $40 infared light and plugged it in to a wyze plug and set a schedule. I’m really surprised with the performance. I haven’t checked it outside yet but inside it worked great in the shop.

Capture _2020-05-06-05-27-08

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