Looking for additional IR lighting for cam v2

I have a camera in the back of my house that needs extra nighttime illumination. It is indoors so you will know. I don’t need anything that has 40 LED’s in it so I am wondering if any of you have ever found a small unit that would sit alongside or on top of my cam v2 and maybe even plug into the USB port for power. I hope to find something like that but no luck so far.

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They are all powered by 12Vdc adapters. This one doesn’t come with one 12v hard drive adapters work. But they are small and do the job

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I’ve been using this one since last year and it works well. I can see a lot more than I could without it. The shed in the picture is about 70 feet away in the attached picture from my camera and the shadows are cast from the IR light.

Well, like I said in the beginning, I don’t need an illuminator with that many LED’s in it as this camera is being used indoors. I appreciate your responses and the picture. I think I have the problem solved though. It occurred to me that all of my other four cams illuminate their respective areas sufficiently so why was this one camera not doing the same so I did an assessment of it’s location and the problem is that there is a streetlight outside of the window that the camera is near and that light is affecting the auto exposure in the camera and making the image darker to compensate for the extra light. After I blocked that light from hitting the camera, the AE set the exposure much lighter and now I can see the area the camera covers just fine. None of my other cameras are affected by ambient light so that problem did not occur to me at first. It makes me think that these cameras could use a few more IR LED’s in them though. Thanks for taking the time to help. :+1: