How to get laces out of the wheels

These are well and truly stuck!

Any ideas how to fix this simply?

And if not simple, any ideas how to fix this even if it’s tricky? :crazy_face:

Cut it and go 2 the $$ store and get new laces

I would try to rotate the wheel backward while lightly pulling on the lace. If it is really stuck, then cutting the lace is the second option.
If the lace still doesn’t want to cooperate, IF the vacuum is out of warranty, and IF you feel confident in disassembling the vacuum, then go for it.

After ‘Sharon’ tried eating a wayward USB cable and a sock, I always vacuum-proof the rooms prior to starting the vacuum.

Good luck!

The usual magic elixirs. WD-40. Mineral oil.

So I finally succeeded. The solution was to show the laces a sharp knife and then have one last try! I think the laces got scared and released their nervous grip. Perhaps it was the laces ploy to avoid going anywhere near my teenage son’s stinky feet!
I also figured out the direction the laces were wound and so once the entry point passed the end of the lace exiting the wheel it came out easy.

PS good to see others naming their vacuums too. Ours is called “Betty”

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So it can call you Al.

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