Improved vacuum stuck/tangled detection and notification

Improve detection and notification of robot vacuum stuck. Currently, if the vacuum eats a shoelace, towel, or rug fringe, it just keeps running in place until out of battery. Seems it would be easy to detect that wheel movement is not resulting in any device movement, then stop and send a notification that it is stuck.

need feature Wyze Robot Vacuum-tangle alert

app improvement suggestion - Wyze Robot Vacuum: generally the thing is so smart it amazes me, but one thing that needs to be added. A tangle alert. If it is stuck it alerts you, but if it is tangled (in a cord or such), the wheels continue to turn and the app shows it running, but in the same spot. That only happens when it is tangled or caught.

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Yes please!
Currently, leaving a shoe out with laces dangling results in a silent death spiral.