How to flash a firmware update with an SD card?

I am having trouble installing a firmware update to my WCO. As a last effort, I am trying to use the SD card that was in another Wyze cam to flash the WCO. If I remember correctly, I had to format the card to FAT32. Now, I cannot copy the firmware files onto it on my PC. Is this because it is formatted to FAT32? I tried to reformat the card with no success.

The Wyze support article on how to flash a firmware update is pretty lacking between step 2 and step 3 as to how to get the files onto the SD card:

Although the Wyze cameras will record to cards larger than 32GB, for flashing it MUST be no larger than 32GB.
If you plug the card into your computer, does Windows Explorer see the card? If not, do a “normal” format in the computer. If the card can’t be formatted or Windows still can’t recognize the card, either the card reader in your computer is failed (the SD card reader in my primary desktop failed about 6 months ago), or the card is bad. Try a different card or a different card reader (I have USB based uSD card readers that came with some uSD cards).
One thing that has caught a bunch of people is that by default, Windows will hide the filename extension of filenames. So people change the filename to demo.bin, and in reality. there already was a .bin extension, so it becomes demo.bin.bin - which will not work. If Windows is hiding filename extensions, my recommendation is to turn off that stupid “feature”.
As for the WCO, I can’t help specifically as I do not have any of those.

My PC sees the card. Weirdly, I deleted everything on it - which took two hours or more - and when finished, everything was still on it. Unfortunately I do not have another SD card or card reader at the moment so I cannot rule out if either is bad.

Put the card in the PC right click the drive it is in and choose format. It should show up as Drive D, E, or F. Is the SD card write protected (Locked) check the little lock slider left side of SD card and make sure it is unlocked.

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Assuming you are using a uSD to SD card adapter that sounds like the write protect slider on the SD card adapter is in the write protect position. That is VERY easy to move on some adapters. It can even slide into the protect position while inserting the adapter into the card reader…

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Please do not post this same issue all over the board, I like to only answer the same thing once please :upside_down_face:

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OK Sorry Antonius… I’ve just been working on this for like 10 hours to try to get it working before I leave town.

Holy Hell, I give up for now. The issue is not just a Wyze problem, so thank you all so much for trying to help. Perhaps my sd card or card reader is cooked. And my skills lack. (However, I shouldn’t have to go through this to get the product to work.) I still couldn’t write or delete the SD card after ensuring full permissions in Windows and checking the lock tab. I got “There is a problem with this drive. Scan the drive now to fix it.” Upon scanning, I got “We found errors on this drive. To prevent data loss, repair this drive now.” Upon repairing, I got another message that I don’t remember right before a Blue screen and Windows reboot.

Good idea, give up for now. Go to some place fun forget about cameras. You lived without them before your purchase, go have fun !!! If you click on my name on the top right click message and send me a private message. I will send you a new WYZE 32 GB SD card never used with the firmware for your camera on it. Just need an address. Free, I will just charge my nightly raccoons a toll fee for coming in my yard every night.

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Thanks Antonius! Just PM’ed you. I also took my kids apple picking in New England instead of trying to install firmware!