Unable to update firmware

So far my Wyze experience has been pretty disappointing. I installed my brand new cameras and signed up for the cam plus and paid for it. None of my cameras will connect to my cam plus and it says that the firmware is not supported in campus when I checked the firmware on the app. It says that it’s all up-to-date and good to go. and when I look at the website, it shows newer firmware that apparently I cannot get my cameras to download making them useless to view any of the footage. My cameras are collecting.

Which type of camera are you trying to use?
I have never seen any comment that firmware is not supported in cam plus.
You can load firmware manually with a 32GB or smaller SD card formatted in FAT32.
Different types of cams have different directions so type/model of cam is needed.

And then, when I go to the device information, it says that my firmware is all up-to-date and good to go. But it’s an outdated firmware.

Is that a WYZE cam Outdoor v2 or a WCO version one cam?
Anyway you can add the current firmware via SD card. Make sure you choose the correct firmware from the release notes.

Firmware support for Cam Plus was added on 03 November 2020 for the WCO
You must of gotten a cam that is almost 4 years old. ?