How to exclude camera from Cam plus unlimited?

Is there way to exclude camera from cam plus unlimted?
I made mistake to purchase that plan when I had 5 cameras.
Now when I added new 6th camera it was automatically added to plan.

It’s not automatic. There was a question during setup if you wanted it on your CamPlus Unlimited - or at least there was a few weeks ago when I last set up a camera…

However, with that said, currently there is no way to remove it. Because Wyze is in the middle of changing how a bunch of the back end stuff works, you can’t managed from the app - with a note to visit the website. However from the website, you can’t remove a camera from CamPlus either. That capability should return when the back end work is completed.

Curious why you want to remove the 6th camera?

there was some question but without choice.
newer firmwares clog network, so wanted to downgrade to use wz mini hacks

Actually it is. Wyze made a change recently to add all cameras to Unlimited to “help” users.

Has to have been a very recent change. I just looked - I set up my newest two cameras on 5 April and I was asked if I wanted them on my CamPlus Unlimited (I did).

I recently factory reset my cameras and even if you don’t agree to put them in CamPlus Unlimited, they still add it anyways. My guess is that they found out a large portion of users don’t know how to add it or simply forgot so they made the choice to force it on us instead.


What I do is set “Event Recording” to OFF. The camera is still in Cam+ Unlimited but it won’t upload footage to the cloud.