How to download wyze RTSP files, the official files! (Includes v2, v3, pan)

We noticed there are many people confused on what happened to the RTSP files. The short answer is Wyze Deleted Them… Now we saw this and backed them up way before they were deleted, we backed them all up.

How to download them - Wyze Cam RTSP Download (All Camera’s Included) - YouTube

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I checked it out, I downloaded a copy of the most recent one of each. I would personally want to crosscheck the hash against the originals before I used these backups (don’t plan to use them for a while), but I did hear the youtube video say there was absolutely no modification and that the hashes will match the originals. While I am sure that is probably the case, I am a firm believer in “Trust, but verify.” I will probably get around to having a trusted friend who has a copy of the RTSP Firmware to compare the hash file on one or more of these before I used them. I love the sharing and helping intent here.

For others who come to this wondering if they should get and use RTSP, keep in mind there is probably a good reason that Wyze removed access to the RTSP Files after having spent so much time creating it.

My gut tells me it is likely related to the past security vulnerabilities they needed to patch. These RTSP firmware files were created long before this year, and the Bitdefender CVE reports didn’t get their final patch until this year sometime, which implies that the RTSP firmware does not have all the security patches from those vulnerabilities.

To be fair, those CVE’s were only issues if someone has access to log onto your local network (ie: they could view the contents of the Camera’s SD card), so hopefully only people you trust have your WiFi password anyway, but in theory, if you use this firmware you may be taking a risk that you’d rather avoid. Wyze definitely recommends you only ever use the current supported and up-to-date firmware versions to limit risks. So just keep that in mind…the firmware was removed because it is no longer supported and hasn’t been getting the latest security updates since way back when it was first created.
If you decide to do it, I’d rather you go into the situation with an informed decision of the risks you are taking on.


be sure to scan the bin files on virustotal, for added trust!


All seem like good clean links and files.

The v4.61.0.1 V3 RTSP Beta firmware is still available in the first post of the beta testing thread. Always has been. Still is.

Many folks are gravitating toward the wz_mini_hacks project which also includes POE and ethernet connectivity while leaving the original firmware intact and functional – if so desired.

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this page has been backed up to web archive also