How to connect wyze to google home?

I can’t figure out how to connect wyze to google home can anybody help me?

Google Home integration is still in Beta testing. The latest update said maybe it could be released by the end of May 2019.

Just checked on this and Wyze Home showed up in the Google Home app. Under the Home section, tap the plus sign for Add…, then tap + Set up device… then tap Have something already setup… then at top search type Wyze and Wyze Home should appear as a selection… just tap on it, then a login in page appears for Wyze. Use you Wyze camera user id and password, then each camera you have will show up… choose each one and then select a room for it.

After the cameras are setup, you can stream them to the Home Hub displays and maybe Chromecast. Just say something like “Show the Front Door camera”. The Google responds something like “sure streaming the Front Door Camera on Kitchen Display”.


i can confirm that after adding wyze service/devices in the google home app you can then use google assistant to request live camera feeds on your chromecast.


Is there anyway to view my cameras in the google home app? Ideally by clicking on the camera icon?

Currently you can only view it on the Google Home Hub. I assume you are talking about using the Google Home app on your phone and clicking the camera icon, if this is the case then no that will not work.

My Google home hub says that the cameras are not available I’m able to see them thru the wyze app on my phone