Beta Testing Application For Google Home

this entire thread is just people asking to join the beta. all of the updates are useless when it is just spam. @Loki

We have learned many valuable lessons through this process and one of them is to never open a beta like this EVER again (no matter how optimistic we are about timing). We apologize for the frustration, Andrew.

To everyone else, if you requested permission changes they have been made. If your forum name was your email address, I changed that for you. You should all be able to message me now. :slight_smile:

@WyzeGwendolyn hi I am new here and was wondering if I could also be part of the beta. Love your products (4 wyze cams) and waiting for wyze sense to be shipped. Thanks!

Thanks for the speedy invite to the beta program. The camera streams to the TV following the show command ok. It was lagged and had a buffering/freezing issue but overall worked.

I’d really like to test this out with other commands. Is there a list of available commands for the cameras? Also I didn’t see the sensors as available devices. Do they not have commands yet?

What I’m really looking forward to doing is connecting the Wyze shortcut actions to a Google Assistant command and vise versa for the Wyze event triggers to fire off an Assistant routine. Showing the stream is cool but more of a novelty compared to “arming” and “disarming” by voice/routine commands

Just put in request to join the FB Beta Forum. I currently have 3 V2 & 1 Pan cameras on RTSP beta firmware feeding into Blue Iris. I have 8 more V2 on stock to test with other betas (2 locations). Looking forward to optimizing integrating Wyze with my rest of my smarthome. Blue Iris, Actiontiles, IFTTT, Google Home, Alexa, and Smartthings, and a DYI home server.

Google Home Update:
It seems like a long time since I gave an update and I know the frustration is running high. Please, please understand that the team working on Google Home is pushing daily to get it done. We used every trick in the book to make progress and being able to bring it to you.
I’ve told many times internally that, if it would not have been required by so many of you, I would have dropped the development of that feature a long time ago. But because I made a promise that I would bring that feature to you, because I saw the amount of people that everyday are asking to join the beta, there was no stopping despite all the difficulties that we had to face. And talking about the beta, let me tell you one thing: you can give a huge thank you to @WyzeGwendolyn for the massive amount of work that it has been to collect your email one by one and aggregating them. It was no small fit by any means.

But let’s get back to the feature and where we are standing. We had several meetings with Google and they are telling us that our application is looking good and the integration is now complete. Because so many of you have trusted us, they had to apply special reviews to our application and that is partially the reason for all the delays. The other reasons is that a couple of features required for the approval where not fully developed on our side. For example, when the camera is offline, the Google Nest Hub would still try to connect instead of returning the proper error message… Now, it seems that we are at the point where all has been taken care. So what does it means for the release:
1 - If nothing gets in the way, we should be able to release before the end of May. I know, famous last words… :slight_smile:
2 - We have to stop onboarding people for the beta and start focusing on our launch sequence.
3 - We will have to stop the beta in a few days and it means that you might loose the feature until we release.
4 - Once we are releasing the feature, you might have to redo the enrollment. Thankfully, it will be more straightforward than the beta instructions.


Thank you very much to you and the team! I’m very much looking forward to it, and all of your future work.

Reading number 2 In the above post It looks like they are not adding any more people.
It’s not a good idea to post your personal email on a public forum

We understand that patience is something that is easy to lose especially when you are repeatedly told that things are around the corner.

Today, I will ask for a little more patience. We have received some pretty good news and we are officially starting our launch activities which will lead to Google Assistant being available to the general public before the end of month.

I’m asking for your patience and understanding as we have officially closed the beta. What this means is:

1 - We are not going to add anyone new to the beta.
2 - We are adjusting our environment to production levels.
3 - Beta participants might lose the Google Assistant integration until we are done with the launch activities and they might have to redo the setup after launch.

Thank you again for your patience and sticking with us along this long road…


Looks like you might be the right person to ask .
I received a Google home mini as a gift ,So I am thinking of getting a Chromecast for the TV .
The question is , Which one Is the best Chromecast to by ?

You didn’t ask me, but if you have 4k tv, and want to use the CC for 4K content, then go with the ultra. If just going to use for 1080, just get the latest model ($35 at Best buy) it’s half the cost and should work fine with Wyze when the Google integration is complete.

Thanks for the reply.
Yes I do have 4 K TV , I’ll Just go with the ultra . Good chance to just go ahead and use the other half of my free $100 Best Buy gift card
From what I understand the Google integration Should be complete In the next couple of weeks

I haven’t been following the Google home thing much Are you able to view Multiple cameras at once with it ?

Just beat in mind that current beta testers are reporting about 14-15 second delay between love action and what is shown on CC or Google home hub display. For my prices that’s not great, but it’s by no means a deal breaker. Others find that to be too long to serve their purposes. Wyze is hoping to have that lag improved by completely returning the encoding, but that improvement will take months according to them. Just fyi.

Not to my knowledge. I guess you could mirror your phone’s screen, and cast from your phone to Chromecast a view of multiple cams from Tinycam or using groups in the Wyze app, but the native view is only one screen.

Tried to resync my wyze account with google today because it wasn’t seeing the changes I had made to some camera names. It let me sign in and accept the google access to my devices, but then gave me this error:

401. That’s an error.

Your client does not have permission to the requested URL /services/auth/handoffs/auth/complete?state=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&code=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJDcmVhdGlvblRpbWUiOjYzNjk0MDQ2MzYyMTg0MDg0OCwiQ2xpZW50SWQiOiJhYjU2NTFkMS1kZTQwLTQ2ZmYtOGQ0MS0yYjdlY2UxY2NjODYiLCJFeHBpcmF0aW9uVGltZSI6NjM2OTQwNDc1NjIxODQwODYxLCJJc3N1ZXIiOiJXeXplIiwiVXNlckNlbnRlcklkIjoiMWJjNWRmZWIyODEzZDI2MTE1NWYyZmEyODk1ZDYwN2UiLCJVc2VybmFtZSI6ImphbWV6cG93ZWxsQGdtYWlsLmNvbSJ9.nUh5R4N0SyEucze0_UyUxarOsbU6kL9s1atcWwVSHAg&return_url=chromecast://settings/handoff . That’s all we know.

Not sure if this is due to the official launch procedure or if it’s something else so I thought I’d report it. I am unable to re-add wyze to GH, but I understand that it may be due to the launch.

Others are reporting that non beta Google access is live. Maybe try again?

Looks like it’s officially up and it works well. Thanks for all the hard work everyone.
Wondering if the latency will be improved though, I’m currently experiencing 10-15 seconds on my Chromecast and Home Hub.

I already do that now Straight to my Samsung TV Without the need for any adapter
I had tiny cam pro set up on my TV also, until one day there was a update and it whacked out and All my cameras work gone from the app the only Cameras In their were public Cams , So I just deleted the app from my TV
So it seems like Is not any better than Alexa and Fire TV that I already have and works with wyze

I was told by Wyze that they are working to completely change how the stream is encoded to eliminate problem of lag, because the cameras are apparently decoding/encoding the stream on the fly locally. Problem is, it’s going to take months to get that done, possibly end of year. There may be some minor improvement, but near real time won’t be anytime soon.

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