Google Home App Not Adding Cameras

I have followed the directions to add Wyze to my Google Home (using Pixel 3), I opened the Google Home app, added a new device, gave my Wyze credentials to give Google Permission, it states “linking accounts”, but never adds the cameras. Please help

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Are your cameras V1 or V2? The V2 cameras are the only supported items at this time.

After getting the Wyze Google Assistant email, I am also unable to connect my V2 cams. After selecting Accept, spins for a bit, get message problem connecting. Have a number of other devices connected to GA without an issue.

The Google Home software is very convoluted and it’s behavior changes depending on whether or not your mobile device is on the same network as the speaker. Google could do better.

Make sure that you have the Wyze service enabled in the Home app before doing discovery of the cameras.

I unlinked and linked the Wyze App to my Google Home app 3 times yesterday with no problems at all, took around 5 secs each time.

I’m getting a camera icon with a gear in the upper right, but nothing further. I’ve removed and readded without change. Version 2 camera, Asus ZenFone AR. Beta app.

I’m not super concerned because the mailman is bringing me new music in the form of the new L7 album to soothe my savage breast.

Yeah, the camera icon will have a gear in the upper right, that’s correct.

I also added Wyze to my Google Home app on my Galaxy S8 but it doesn’t offer any functions to use. It just sits there. Is this designed to be used with just the Google screen device? Also when I say OK Google, show me name of my camera it offers me an ON or Off choice which has no effect on my Wyze cameras? I be interested in hearing any updated information about this.

I’ve had better luck with a Chromecast. “Hey Google stream my front camera to my bedroom TV” or even “… To my bedroom display” which is a Nest Hub