How to Change to a New ISP

I have a quick and probably stupid question but here goes. We switched internet companies and need to connect our cameras to the new ISP. I’ve looked on the app but can’t see how to do that. Is there a fast way to do this or do we have to reconnect all of the cameras as if they were new.

Thanks in advance.

If you keep the same IP Scheme as you had with the other router, you should not need to do anything. Your Camera’s should just work.

Otherwise, you would need to simply redo the setup on the cameras. you will not need to remove them from the app, as it will update the network information and keep all rules and setting the same.

Hopefully you can just set your new router to the same network name and password so all your devices connect like they used to without any further effort on your part.


There is none. As noted, all you have to do is set your new router to use the same network name and password (also known as SSID and key or passphrase) on the 2.4 Ghz band. If you use your own router you won’t have to change anything. Just figure out how to set your SSID the same as the old one. It’s fairly easy and has nothing to do with a particular ISP. There should be instructions provided online.

Don’t merely accept the defaults of the new equipment. If you do that you WILL have to reset your cameras.

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