How to Cancel Free Trial

I just purchased two V3s and somehow got into the + service option as a free trial. Have tried to figure out how to cancel the trial before I am involved with a subscription which I don’t want. The only thing I can find is that I must “reach out” in order to cancel, which implies a phone call. What does this mean or is there a simple way to cancel a free trial online? Thank you for help.

Just wait two weeks and it will cancel on it’s own. There is no forced subscription. Once trial is over if you want you can get Cam Plus Lite for $0.


Yea, it shouldn’t auto renew.

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Thanks. This is unusual because in most cases if you don’t explicitly notify, you are automatically enrolled.

In this regard, I give Wyze credit where credit is due.

On my Pixel I can press the “back” button and back out of the trial pop up. It just advances to the share page in the device setup and goes forth without starting the trial on the camera.

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Interesting. Please excuse a quick off-topic question. Do I have to have “detects motion” on in order for the AI settings to work? What I want is notifications of AI events “only” not notifications of other motion. Still learning. Thanks again.

Yes, in event recording settings, enable detects motion, and in notifications settings make sure all other motion is disabled