Notification Plus

I have 12 cameras, most are V3 and 2 are v2 (1 pan and one reg.) I just noticed on my last 2 cameras I installed have notification plus where the other 8 do not. Is this something I signed up for? I don’t subscribe to the services except for the Cam Plus Lite for all 12. Thank you for your h elp. I also noticed 2 of the cameras that have notification plus are because I subscribed by accident to Cam Plus. I cancelled that today but it’s still showing up.

Even though you cancelled it and paid for Cam Plus it will work until the subscription expires and don’t even ask for a refund, there are none. On the app go to account > Services > Cam Plus and it will have an expiration date. Cancelling is supposed to stop automatic renewal.

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Check your invoice from when you purchased them. Chances are that the “Free 30 Day Trial” to Cam Plus was added to your cart by default when you checked out. This is a very small checkbox that has to be physically unchecked when purchasing cams.

The Trial will auto renew after 30 days and will begin billing you at a monthly rate unless you cancel it. So, it is a good thing you caught it and cancelled. Keep any records or screenshots of the cancellation so that you have proof.

Since there are no refunds for subscriptions, as @Antonius mentioned, cancelled subscriptions (even trials) are still on your account until they expire. Enjoy it while you have it.