Cam Plus Yearly Subsription Renewal - Reduced Number of Cameras

I currently have 9 cameras on Cam Plus Yearly subscription. During the year, I removed 4 cameras (no prorated refund, per terms). Cam Plus Yearly subscription will renew soon. Will this yearly subscription renew for only the 5 remaining cameras or will it renew for 9 cameras, even though I removed 4 cameras? I don’t know if I should cancel the current yearly subscription before it renews and start a new yearly subscription for 5 cameras only. Anyone know?


Hello @GroupExInstructor

I don’t know what it would renew for, my guess would be that it would renew for all 9 unless you explicitly cancelled the others. However if you are still going to pay for 5 you will probably save money by doing Cam Plus Unlimited. I think after 4 cameras it is cheaper to do the unlimited, I would look into your different options.