How to add 2 new cameras to my existing Cam Plus Lite Subscription

Yes, these are Wyze V2 cams. All 5 have been on Name your Price/CPL for almost 2 yrs now about. I have attached screen shots of App version and firmware which is the same on all 5 cams. Yes, Cam #2 (frntkitchen) still has thumbnail snapshots vs video. With my CPL the only time I see 12s listed is when I go to view a video. Cam #2 (frntKitchen) is NOT recording video. Again let me clarify. I have never seen these snapshot icons ever until yesterday on the one camera that is giving me issues. I also on that cam cannot select Person Detection under notifications. Note on the attached screenshot that has Smart Detection at the top. It won’t’ let me select Person Detection because recording type isn’t set to video. How did that happen? How do I set it to video? As another poster stated. I cannot unassign my cameras either. Again, I never had these issues until I got new modem and had to add these 2 cams to CP trial. Again, trial ended 2 days ago. I did a chat and they couldn’t figure it out and had me send in a report id to Wyze. Hope I made sense, I am getting older and get more confused but think I am able to follow what is going on. I hope my camera isn’t rendered useless in using my CPL now

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Cam #2 despite being assigned to CPL will still not record video.

Have you gone through the Cache clear process I posted above since being able to manually assign it to the CPL license? If you did that before you were able to assign it to CPL, try it again and see if it helps Cam #2 get back with the program.

That is exactly how CPL is supposed to work. That is normal

When the Free CP trial expires, it reverted those cams to No License = Snapshot. Now, even though you have assigned it to CPL, it isn’t picking up the new assignment and giving you the 12s video. It still thinks you are on no license or on the old CPL which used to have the option for snapshot. We have to get it to believe it is on the new CPL without the snapshot option.

This is where you and I are both bewildered. That feature was removed. I have no idea where that setting was and I have no idea how it is giving you that particular text. If it isn’t in the Event Recording, I don’t know where to look. It shouldn’t even exist according to a post from Wyze. That’s why I am confused on this one. I haven’t seen those prompts since they discontinued the snapshot in CPL.

No one can. There are only 2 known ways to pull a cam off of CPL: 1) Assign it to CamPlus, 2) Terminate the CPL license and start over. I am not sure about option #3, but deleting and reinstalling the cam may also work… But we aren’t there yet. Let’s see if we can get it to act right first before you have to start deleting things.

I am not a fan of the trials for this very reason.

I am quite confident that the cam is A OK. It is the license and the software that isn’t acting right. We got Cam #1 acting right. Power Cycle Cam #2 (physically unplug, replug) and then do a cache clear and see what happens.


Yes, I cleared the cache steps as you provided above. I did this process after adding back to CPL.
Yes, it is odd to me that 2 cams added back one of them strayed way off path, lol.
I appreciate you at least admitting you are bewildered, instead of ignoring my issue, lol. I am getting bounced from chat to chat & disconnected, to chat is closed on Wyze website. Funny you mention about unassigning a camera from CPL as the chat person asked me to do just that by clicking the camera. I told her there was no link to do so. That is when she said I need to send in a log id. I did send in a log id to Wyze and they are asking me if I followed all the troubleshooting steps (which I have) if I give my permission for them to cancel my current subscription to CPL and they will assign a new one. I haven’t said to do so yet as I just got it and feeling overwhelmed by this all. I am thinking it may be my only solution but am afraid it will open a whole can of worms on all my cameras, lol. Should I have them do that? By the way I truly appreciate your help and speaking in layman terms, lol.

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You can do that yourself at in your subscriptions.

But, I would only do that only as an absolute last resort. I would try the power cycle and cache clear one last time. If needed, I would delete the cam and reinstall it before I terminated the subscription though. But not yet.

Because I can’t come up with an explanation as to why this one cam is acting up like this, I have tagged all the other @Mavens to take a read through on this thread. Many have extensive experience with V2 cams and also CPL when it had the video\thumbnail option (and legacy PD before that). There is a very good chance I am missing something in my old age too!

Bear with it a bit longer to see if we can get some other perspectives of the issue here.


Since my Video Doorbell is not assigned to Cam Plus, Pro, or Lite, I feel that I should be able to assign it to Cam Plus Lite. However, as you saw in my screenshot, I cannot do that.

I believe this bug was caused by my canceling the Cam Plus monthly subscription that my VD was assigned to. Even though Wyze said it would refund the balance of the subscription term, after I canceled, it said it’s running to the expiry date. That’s fine, but I suspect Wyze still thinks the VD is assigned to it, even though the app says the sub is gone, and the VD is not assigned to any sub. Definitely a bug, but hopefully it’ll resolve itself in a month (when the sub expires).

Yes, it would seem that I could play the shell game with my CamPlus sub, but I’m concerned about the app screwing it up since there have been problems in the past when removing and adding cams to subs.

It would be preferable if Wyze would fix these bugs rather than make us jump through hoops. Part of the problem is that the subscription interface is heavily over-engineered. A UX designer would make this far more intuitive and, coincidentally, easier to code.

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The doorbells are incompatible with CamPlus Lite. They cannot be assigned and will not show in the available list.

Because they are incompatible with CPL, Wyze gives all No Subscription users automatic 12s video on the doorbells with no subscription required.

If you cancelled a subscription bought from Wyze on the Wyze Website (thru you should get a pro rated refund. The computer automatically generates this.

If you purchased in the store tab in the app, these are actually purchased from the OS App Store (Apple\Google) and they control the subscription. They will not refund.

I agree that unassigning a cam from CPL should be allowed. I have no idea the logic employed when restricting that.

As I said, although the website says that’s what it will do, it does not.

Fun fact: This third subscription (second CP sub) no longer shows up in the app’s list of services that I can manage.

I did not. It was a free trial that I neglected to cancel before it rolled over. Wyze gave me about a two-second warning before it charged my credit card.

Interesting. I would swear I had it on CPL before, but I could certainly be wrong. Oh well.

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My experience has been with Annual Subscription cancellations. The fact that yours is a monthly subscription may be the reason for the difference in refund policy. I have no experience with these so I will default to your experience.

This is new information to me as well. I have had trials in ALL my cams. Every one of them expired without auto enrollment. I just let them end, my cams went to Unassigned \ No Sub. And as soon as they started recording snapshots, I assigned them to my CPU. I thought that is what all trials were designed to do???

They should have CPL 12s and 5m cooldown features without a sub. Not sure if they get the PD though.

ok will do. So just to clarify. do a power cycle, cache clear? If that doesn’t work delete cam and reinstall it? Hold off on terminating the subscription though. Did I get that right? I am happy to give you all a chance to trouble shoot this for a few more days if necessary. Truly appreciate the effort. Update: I did a power cycle and cache clear to no help. Before I delete the cam and readd it. Will it make me sign up for the CP trial again? I don’t remember seeing another option to chose CPL.

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I don’t believe it will run you through the trial again if you do a reinstall. Although, it did put you on one years after initial purchase and install, which is just another strange oddity.

Hang tight for a bit before you delete the cam and give the others some time to review and ring in with their thoughts.

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Ok, I will hange on for a bit and see if you have anyone that may be able to help. I am also thinking if that doesn’t pan out. Wouldn’t it be better for Wyze to unassign & reassign CPL? Instead of me deleting and then it making me do the trial again? Not sure pros/cons to that but will deal with that when the time comes. In the meantime hopefully one of your people will have a solution. Thanks much again.

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Since it has been 2 days with no notification of help from your friends, which by no means is meant as an insult in anyway. My camera has been down to long now and just needed it up and running. I did have Wyze reassign it and it is working fine now. I truly do appreciate your effort in trying to help solve this issue. Know you were appreciated greatly for your efforts by me :slight_smile:

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No worries! Glad you were able to get resolution! Either way you do it, quickest way that works is best!

Sorry, have been offline. That should not happen. Did it?

Yes. On August 19 at 2:14 AM (CDT), I received an email from Wyze congratulating me on my “purchase.” It was immediately followed (same timestamp) by a notification from my credit card company notifying me of a $1.99 charge from Wyze. So, I was mistaken that there was a two-second warning; in fact, I had zero warning.

The email about your purchase wasn’t a warning, it was just letting you know the subscription was renewed. Not sure if there even is a warning, I would assume there is a few days or hours before it charges. check your spam?

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@skst’s issue was because it automatically enrolled in and charged a monthly subscription directly from a trial expiration, not from a previous monthly subscription expiration auto renewal. It auto renewed a trial into a monthly.

The emails should only be sent from a monthly subscription once a month as those are auto renewal by default unless the user cancels the subscription on the website.


@SlabSlayer is exactly right. My issue is that Wyze did not warn me to give me a chance to cancel the trial before converting it into a subscription and charging me. (“Checking my spam” is a frequent task of mine. No, there is no ham in my spam folder.)

I would assume there is a few days or hours before it charges. check your spam?

As I said, the email from Wyze congratulating me on my “purchase” and the email from my credit-card company notifying me of a charge arrived at exactly the same timestamp. There was no delay of days, hours, or even seconds. There was no time to cancel it. Yes, I should have canceled the trial immediately after it began or set a reminder or whatever, but I have become used to companies sending me an email a few days before they convert the trial into a sub, and I got lazy. Lesson learned.

Were you successful at cancelling the subscription on so that you do not continue to be charged? All Wyze paid subscriptions are auto renewed unless cancelled by the user.

Trial subscriptions, on the other hand, are not supposed to automatically roll over into paid subscriptions, that is what makes this so puzzling. It usually requires the user to click on one of the in app reminder popups and confirm the subscription.

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We won’t know until the end of the current billing cycle. As I mentioned above, although the website said it would cancel immediately and refund the balance, it did not. Instead, it says it will expire at the end of the cycle, and I can no longer edit that sub. Now, it does not even appear in the Android app, so it is impossible to unassign the camera. I can only hope the camera drops off it at the end of the cycle.

They might not be supposed to roll over, but I promise you that this one did. I definitely did not confirm that I want it to roll over because I never wanted it to.

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