How quickly does the v3 pro start recording & best angle of deployment?

I have just a couple of questions about the cam v3 pro.

  1. How quickly does it start recording once it detects motion? I have heard other devices only starting to record as a person is leaving the yard thus missing a recorded view of their face.

  2. Does this cam detect motion heading straight towards it (aimed straight down the sidewalk that people would approach it) or is it better to have it off to the side so the motion crosses it’s field of view? I ask this as i have a motion sensor light which comes on quickly (even at a longer distance) if you walk sideways in front of it, but only comes on within a few feet if you walk straight at it.

The V3 Pro does not use PIR it uses pixel change and detects fast depending on you cam sensitivity settings. Direction of motion does not matter.
The Battery operated cams the WCO version one and two use PIR and direction side to side is best.The new Battery Cam Pro uses PIR and radar which I don’t have. Why straight down? you will be getting the top of peoples heads. I just leave my Pro on continuous record to a 256GB SD card to playback videos longer than the Cam Plus videos on the events page.
V3 Pro event.


I also definitely recommend an SD card for continuous recording as a backup to the cam plus features. In my experience it works pretty well, the AI has gotten very accurate and the recording start delay is pretty short, but for security it’s always good to know you have a 24/7 video saved as a backup if it misses something.

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Any camera Continuous Recording 24/7 might also consider a High Endurance rated SD Card.


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I have the sensitivity on my V3Pro tweaked up pretty high so any little motion uploads a motion event. I haven’t missed any Person or Pet detections yet… Even the birds and squirrels get video recorded.

All cams work better at eye level with a crossing movement. That is the sweet spot for the AI. People, pets, and vehicles look different from higher angles. The higher you go, the greater chance of it not being recognized as an AI object.

For motion detection though, any changes in the lighting pixelation shade within the FOV, depending on your sensitivity setting, will produce a motion event.

I have my V3Pro over an entrance door at 7ft with a slight crossing but more direct approach. Works great.