How long to record after motion

Is there a way to be able to adjust how long after motion your camera will record. Like to be able to select 10, 15, 30, 60 seconds of inactivity keep recording for xx seconds. Of course they would add disclaimer for battery usage on outdoor camera. Is that a thing? Or could it be added to an update down the road? Like to the Cam Plus feature.

You’re only going to get 12 seconds of recording unless you have cam plus or the plug in cams V2/V3 have an SD card in them and are set to continuous motion capture. You can also get longer event videos with the WCO if you put an SD card in the cam and set it for scheduled event recording or scheduled continuous recording which I have never used. I have my WCO cams set for scheduled event recording, works great for me.

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By default all cams record 12 seconds, or Cam Plus needs to be added. In the case of the Wyze Outdoor Camera (WOC), cooldown can be dropped to 1 min. But still 12 seconds for the recordings.

Cam Plus will record until motion stops. On the V2 & V3, you also have SD card recording that can have up to 24/7 recording that will record every moment, even between motion.


Why is it, do you think, that cam plus will continue to record but the WOC even with an SD card can’t seem to?

The Wyze Cam Outdoor event videos go to the SD in the base, but that will not work with cam plus. The WCO will continue to record to the SD in the cam if you have it set for scheduled event recording and it records as long as the motion continues up to the set time… I have my cams set for a 10 day period, no cool down period, and a max length of 2 min for each event video, you can set it for up to 5 min each event. You will only get a 12 second cloud event shown on the events page. If you want to view a 2 min. event video you have to remove the card from the cam and view on a PC or with card reader.