Outdoor camera event recording beyond 12 seconds

Hello. On v2 it was possible to record more than 12 seconds events on the SD card. Does it work the same way with outdoor camera? Can I put sd card into base and use it to record 3min?

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As of now, no. Hopefully they will make something like this possible in the future with a firmware update.

As of now the WCO can only record more than 12 seconds if you schedule a recording or manually start a recording.


Nope. Welcome to everyone’s problem. These cameras were pointless!!

So… can I record more than 12 seconds for event or not?

You can only record events for 12 sec. You need cam plus to record events longer than 12 sec. and you can set the amount of time you want it to record events with either no cool down or a set cool down period.

It is very easy to create longer events on a V2. I have a SD card with continuous recording on. If I see something on a clip, I check them a few times a day, I go into View Playback. I identify the time span around the event and view it. If I find something worth saving, I create a recording from the Playback.

Same of I hear something. Very easy to do.