How long is the motor on the Cam Pan V3 expected to last?

Does anyone have any info or experience with the lifespan of the motor on the Cam Pan V3? If I have it running 24/7 with pan/scan enabled all the time, will I kill it pretty quickly or should it last a pretty long time?

There is no definitive answer for how long the motor will last. Part of this is likely because it will depend on different variables such as usage, temperature, moisture, and dust.

Having said that, I believe I read somewhere that there is some kind of standardized rating for continuous cycles of 360 degrees. I don’t know what that number is, but I suspect it’s long enough to warrant them continuing to offer a 1-year warranty to everyone…I know people have used the previous pan models scanning constantly for years and the motor has been fine.

Here is an interesting discussion on the Pan v1 motor.

So assuming the camera pans 24/7, if the Pan V3’s motor is the same as the earlier Pan cams it is rated to last about 6 months if the cam is panning a full 360 degrees or 12 months if it’s set up to pan 180 degrees.

Hopefully, the Pan v3 has been improved over previous versions. There also were problems with internal wires on earlier versions.