Wyze Cam Pan Life Expectancy Only 92 Days?

I read or saw in a video that the electric motor that rotates the camera in the Wyze Cam Pan is good for 200,000 cycles, which I am assuming means going from 0 to 360 degrees. If I use Pan Scan to view 4 way points each 90 degrees apart (and waiting 10 seconds at each way point) it should take about 40 seconds to complete one cycle.

Now if I take 200,000 cycles and multiply it by 40 seconds I get 8,000,00 seconds. If I divide that by 3600 seconds (which is 1 hour) I get 2,222 hours. If I now divide that by 24 (number of hours in a day) I get 92 days.

So if I leave the Wyze Cam Pan in Pan Scan 24 hours per day, the motor should die in about 92 days or about 3 months. If one cycle is considered going from 0 to 360 degrees and then back to 0 degrees, the motor should die at double that time which is about 184 days or 6 months.




I’d say that 200,000 is very very much an under estimate. A brushless DC motor, (which I am assuming is what is used, as it is a very cheap option for electronics like this) should last an awful long time.

Images shown here show the internals of the Pan and you can see both motors. The first page shows the rotation motor and its gears. Though they aren’t the best pictures and you can’t count the teeth, they don’t look like too large of a gear ratio, maybe 4:1, so they don’t have to do much to step the motors RPM down to the advertised ~20RPM of the camera. (These pictures make me want to pull my camera apart just so I can count the teeth myself! :D)

WYZE PAN INTERNALS: https://fccid.io/2ANJHHWYZECP1/Internal-Photos/Internal-photo-3777255.pdf

Also, while I was digging through this internet rabbit-hole, I found the iSmartAlarm cameras, which may be a surprise to most. This company uses the same hardware as the Wyze cameras, but seem to be originally designed to use with a DIY home security system. (They even have a BLACK Pan, but $70-$170 (depending on sales) more than a Wyze)

iCAMERA KEEP PRO: https://www.ismartalarm.com/devices/cameras/icamera-keep-pro/isa00023.html

But the point I was trying to make with the iSmartAlarm system is their version of the Pan hardware was released in 2015, and a brief search of the iSmartAlarm forum doesn’t bring up any topics about a dead motor. (Same with a google search)

iCAMERA KEEP 2015 REVIEW: https://www.cnet.com/products/ismartalarm-icamera-keep/review/

So its my opinion that the rotation motor in the Pan should last more than 92 days of continuous use.

However, the Pan is only about 50 days old, so might have to revisit this topic in another 40 days :wink:

Great find!!

I wonder if the motion tracking of the software/firmware on the iSmartAlarm works better than that of the Wyze Pan Cam, i.e. PROPERLY, without the over tracking/shyness issues rendering the key purpose of the Pan Cam useless.