Life of motor

Is anyone concerned that if the camera is constantly rotating to watch the waypoints 24 hours/day that it could wear out the motor prematurely?

Mine has a 3 yr warranty so not an issue. In 3 yrs there will be better cameras and I will simply exchange it for that.

I wouldn’t worry about the motor going bad, I’d worry more about the plastic gears going bad, especially if someone has one mounted outside.

I just found the following:

“Regarding the lifecycle of the Pan’s motor, the camera can continuously rotate ~200,000 full-circles.”

Extending the warranty is a great idea for piece of mind. I bought it directly from Wyze so hopefully they will be able to provide the same optional extended warranty as Amazon.

I just wrote a post about this. Doing the math the motor would last about 92 days if a cycle is considered as going from 0 to 360 degrees. If a cycle is considered going from 0 to 360 degrees and back to 0 it would last twice that or 184 days or about 6 months.