Pan cam long term durability of the movement motor and gears

I have activated motion tracking on one of my new pan 2 cams and have noticed that it seems to be tracking everything in view instead of just my detection zone. My biggest concern is this is averaging about 6 times an hour. This has me wondering how long the mechanism is going last. I have several of the original pans but have never used motion tracking or multiple zones with them. Any comments on durability from those that have? I understand the mechanical parts are the same.

I had a Pan Cam mounted outdoors with motion tracking on pointed at my driveway, which also captures my neighborhood road and sidewalk for 14 months. It tracked every car, person, animal, balloon, and a ton for light refraction/shadows that were tagged the whole 14 months. So there was a lot of movement going on with that camera. I recently replaced it with a V2 for the clearer image and night vision, but the motors and gears still operate perfectly today.

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Almost exactly what I did except I didn’t have motion tracking turned on my first one.