How far between base station and camera?

How far can you position the camera from the base station, assuming that the base station is placed behind an exterior wall?

Thank you

It depends a lot on what the wall is made of, I have my furthest one about 130’ from the base and it goes through one wall.


130’ that’s great !

The wall is a common wood framed structure. If I get 75’ I’ll be happy.


You should, you may have to adjust direction of the antennas, and sometimes my furthest take a time or two to connect but it eventually does. I have some about 50’ that connect with no issue at all. My wall is wood frame with aluminum siding.

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I have my base station plugged in against an outside facing wall of my house with the camera mounted under the soffit of my polebarn 220’ away. The base station shows one bar connectivity with the camera but I rarely have a problem with notifications or livestream connection. This camera actually has a faster, more reliable connection than my other three cams that are significantly closer to the base station.