How do you recharge the Cam Outdoor?

I noticed in the video that the camera may be charged via USB cable. Is there information on how long it takes to charge the battery? Is the battery not removable? If I have a power source nearby can, can I keep the Cam Outdoor plugged via USB cable and never have to worry about recharging the battery - or will that ruin the battery?

They say it will charge in 3-5 hours

Just like anything with a battery. If you keep it perma-plugged in you’ll negate the battery life expectancy over time.

Wyze is saying you’ll void their warranty because the USB port is a flap and thereby exposes it to rain/weather.

Now if someone can hack the WOC with the USB plug to not be a liability that’s what I’m interested in ;).

The one I tested charges with a standard connector like any Wyze cam, will use a wyze power block or similar and took me about 2 1/2-3 Hours from about 15% to full charge.

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No, it’s not removable and it isn’t replaceable.

I’m still in the researching phase regarding the purchase of an outdoor camera when it goes to public release. If the camera requires a couple to a few hours to charge, it almost sounds like it would be advantageous to purchase two cameras? That way while one is charging you can have the other recording in the interim to avoid lapse in video protection (if used for security).

Does the outdoor camera come with a recharging cable

Yes it comes with a cable to recharge the cam