Outdoor Cam-Time it takes to recharge battery

Battery was at about 18%. Started recharging at about 9am. Still charging (light flashing) at 11 pm. It is supposed to charge a 0% battery in 4 hours, and the light is supposed to stop flashing. Is this normal to take so long???

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What type of power adapter are you using? The cam requires a 5v charger and should have at least 2 amps. Hopefully you are using the supplied cable also. You can also charge using the base unit USB charging port.
If both these are met, and it still will not charge would suggest you contact Wyze Support, or
Live support is available:
Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT
Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT


I use the white cable that came with the cam and it has been plugged
into the USB port of my PC.
This morning, I plugged it in again to let it continue to charge. The
light continues to flash. According to your instructions, the flashing
light should stop flashing when it reaches 100%. This morning, I just
got a notice on my phone that the cam is at 100%, BUT the light is still

So why is it taking just about an entire day to charge from about 18%
to 100%???
And, at 100%, the light is still flashing???
Gary Oddi

I had this issue too the first time I charged mine. I thought it was odd, I took it off the charger, checked the battery level. it stated it was at 100% so I took it out and started my mad scientist mode with it. every time I have charged it since then it has charged correctly and become a solid light when it was full. keep in mind that the power output on that USB port on your computer can vary, try using the port on the base just to stay with recommendation.

side note- I charge it a lot because I bought it mainly for using it as a remote time lapse camera.

if you are of a certain age you might remember that when you used to buy cell phones the batteries were kind of wonky the first and sometime second battery charge cycles. that’s kind of what I attributed it too and didn’t think much of it. if it is at 100% run as you would and let us know how it does on it’s second charge cycle when it needs it. I would take note of what % it is at when you begin the charge and then check it after a few hours ( around 4) and see how it is progressing. if it seems abnormally slow I would contact support and/ or send in logs as well. it’s possible this latest update may have/ will tweaked something too.


The flashing light finally stopped flashing. It took over 12 hours to recharge the battery (from 18%).
Not good…

that was plugged into your computer correct?

Charging anything through your computer USB port will probably be slower than Just plugging it into a wall directly. It took mine maybe 2 hours to recharge from 0 at the wall outlet.


I believe that @Mikebinder82 and @Bam are on the mark about using a pc USB port. It does usually provide a lower and inconsistent charge level. Just FYI, a Wyze Pan Cam adapter provides 2 amp, a V2 only 1 amp. The recommended is the base charger or equivalent at 2 amp. Next time you need to recharge, try the Base port and see if it isn’t faster.

If that continues, I would suggest contacting Wyze Support
Live support is available
Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT
Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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Oh…I didn’t even know about recharging by using the Base Station. I
see the USB port. Thanks, next time I have to recharge it, I’ll give it
a try.
Much thanks…


FYI: The specification for computer USB ports is to deliver 5V @ 500mA on USB Versions 1.0 & 2.0. In 2008 USB 3.0 deliver 5V @ 900mA.

Dedicated charger port (DCP) serve as a USB charger, delivering currents of 1,500mA and higher. To activate the DCP, the D- and D+ pins are internally connected by a resistor of 200 ohms or less. This distinguishes the DCP from the original USB ports that carry data.
Some Apple products limit the charge current by connecting different resistor values to the D+ and D- pins.


Mine also charged forever the first time, even with a 2 amp charger. It never stopped blinking, but said 100%, so I continued with setup. Since then, many charges, it has done very quick. I was also using it as a time lapse since I could not get motion detection to work. The last update got the motion detection working, at close range only, so I’m using that mode now. After 3 days, still says like 98%, so that’s good. Just wish it could detect farther from the camera… about 10 feet, tops, with a person.


is that with the sensitivity ALL the way up?

and silly but its not through a window or screen correct? no barriers to the person

Yes, that is straight to the person, no glass or anything but air between. Wish it was twice or more that. I’ve tested many times, that is what it is, unless somehow they can make the detection stronger. Got hope… Woody

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I bought the outdoor cam mainly for time lapses, but just tonight I set it up to hopefully capture some neighborhood squirrels I’m working on training (yes I’m a bit of a kook) so this will give me a chance to set up the detection and see how much I can play around with the sensitivity.

Shoot us some test videos if you want to, I know some of my fellow mavens have the outdoor cam as well and we could see if your experience compares to theirs and if not it’s possible maybe your sensor is bad in which case we can get you in touch with support and get it remedied quite fast. It doesn’t hurt to compare to others in situations like this though.

Ok…time to recharge the Outdoor Cam. It was at about 24%. I plugged it into the Base and it started to charge and the red light on the Outdoor Cam started to flash. The red light stopped flashing at 33%. But I see the phone app now is at 42%, so it seems to be continuing to charge…but the red light on the Outdoor Cam is not flashing. The red light is supposed to turn solid red when the Outdoor Cam if fully charged but it is not doing that. It turns solid red before it is fully charged and is continuing to charge with the red light not flashing.

When it reaches 100%, the red light is still solid, not flashing. So the light on the Outdoor Cam is pretty useless in telling me when and if it is fully charged. Is this the way it is to work? I have to keep checking the Wyze app on the phone to see what the progress is.

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Variation on the red light problem… I have 3 Outdoor Cams using 2 separate base stations. One of them is currently at 31% charged. It is not plugged in, but the red light is on solid. Does anyone know what that means? The camera continues to function normal. I first noticed the red light on when the camera hit 48%. I charged it up to 51% and the light went out. It ran down below 50% once again, no red light. I went away for a few days. When I came back it was down around 35% and the red light was on. I’m not sure how the other 2 cameras will behave as they are currently 63% and 93% charged. I am running through battery life pretty quick, but I’m currently in learning mode and therefore recording more events than I will once I get things dialed in.

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Hi @paule and welcome to the community.
The red light should only be on when plugged in and charging. Let the camera run down to between 20% and 10% where you should get a push notification that says, “Low Battery. Unable to live stream.”
Then charge the camera for 4~6 hours regardless of red light or app indication. Hopefully that will reset the logic. If not you may need to contact support.

Wyze Cam Outdoor

  • Solid yellow light: Camera is starting up, powering on.
  • Flashing blue light:Camera is connecting to the Base Station’s network.
  • Solid blue light: Camera is successfully powered and connected to the network.
  • Flashing yellow and blue light: Camera is pairing with the Base Station.
  • Flashing red light: Camera is plugged into power and charging.
  • Flashing red light, quickly: Camera restart needed. Press and hold SYNC button for 10 sec to restart cam.
  • Solid red light: Camera is plugged into power and done charging.
  • No light, or light is off: Camera is in power saving mode, the battery is below 20%, or the camera is charging.

I sent an email to Wyze when I reviewed the help from one of the support people. I have not received a response. So let me be brief in re-stating my problem with my latest recharge results.

I had to re-charge my Outdoor Cam at about 20%. The red light starts to flash. Ok, as expected, However, at about 34%, the red light stops flashing and stays on steady as if it is completely charged, but it is not. The Outdoor Cam continues to charge but I only know this because I have to monitor the progress by looking at the Wyze app on my phone. The red light is supposed to keep flashing until it is completely charged. Now what???

You are correct. The red light is supposed to keep flashing until it is completely charged.

Several people have noticed the different status indications between the red lamp and App. It seems to get calibrated over time through the discharge cycles.

When the camera got to 20% did you get the push notification? “Low Battery. Unable to live stream.”

Charge it overnight or until the app shows 100%, then discharge >20%. See if the red light tracks more closely (<34%) on the next charge.

Assume you are charging with the 2A Wyze Base Station and associated cable. A regular USB charger does not have the required current and different cables may not have the required termination resisor.

I’m tagging @Briepage on this thread who may add some sage advice.

Yes, I did get the push notification of ‘Low Battery’.
Yes, I am using the Wyze cable to the Base Station.
This is the second time I have recharged it and with the same problem.
The red light stops flashing before it gets 100% charged.
I’ll give it another try once it needs its next recharge.
So I have to keep the cam on while charging to be able to see when it is 100% charged, so it takes longer (?).