Outdoor Cam-Time it takes to recharge battery

I’d turn it the WOC Off and let it charge away.
Let it rest, recharge and dream. Check on it in the morning.

I’m glad to hear you got the notification and are using the Wyze cable to the Base Station.
The WOC internal electronics give an estimate of charge and no smarts like the app.

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I charged my outdoor camera to 100% yesterday, and this morning I got a notification & my battery was 100% DEAD. Go figure. This company’s products have more troubles than all the other tech gear I own, combined. Annoying as hell tbh.

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Good Morning @crimez After your app said 100% charged yesterday, what was the camera recording last night?
I recorded a time lapse 5 seconds for 5 hours and it took the battery from 100% down to 12%. Streaming will eat it up even faster. Could it have been left streaming for a few hours?

Even though the App says 0% now, is the camera still working? The WOC will record a few motion events/day. Cant be sure if its a defective battery or other component.

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Hi again, Just to add, If it is indicating 0% and still working then use it for the expected duration and recharge. Some have run through a few charge/discharge cycles and the problem corrects itself.

If the camera is actually at 0% and NOT working, try and charge it. If it goes to 100%, and the light is on steady after only a few seconds/minutes (as opposed to hours) then probably the battery has failed and won’t hold a charge.


I agree, it would effectively be “bleeding through” the charge but reading as full charge. definitely something to look into.

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As @WyzeJasonJ mentioned in another thread, a Wyze employee is helping troubleshoot battery issues, follow the link below: