How do I stop my wyze devices reporting to Alexa?

All of my wyze bulbs, and my wyze lock have been reporting their status to Alexa/Amazon for3 months.

I don’t recall enabling this, and I wouldn’t have wanted to share my comings and goings with Amazon.

Amazon shows me the reported data, under " Review Smart Home Device History" but does not show the wyze devices under the “Devices” tab.

How do I turn this off??

In the Amazon App you can find and disable the Wyze skill. That’s probably the best way.

In the Wyze app, if you go to the account tab, then “Smart Integrations” You can select Alexa there and change the status from linked to select “Unlink” and I am guessing that will disable Alexa status that way, though I have never personally done it there.

I don’t have Alexa enabled in the Amazon app.

In the wyze app, under third party integrations all I see is

Google Home set pin

Possibly because I have an older version of the Wyze app.

Okay, after updating the Wyze app I see:

But how the heck did this get enabled in the first place?

My guess would be an oversite while setting up something like the band, headphones, earbuds, locks, etc. If you’ve ordered any smart devices from Amazon instead of directly from Wyze, sometimes Amazon will suggest at that time to have the device be linked to Amazon account.

I can’t say for sure when/how this happened to you, but I would guess it was an oversite. Wyze doesn’t really care if we link to Amazon or Google or whatever since they don’t get anything for it. They provide it as a convenience for those who do want it, but they wouldn’t go out of their way to try to press for it. Amazon does get something out of it, so if it happened without you realizing it, my guess would be on the Amazon side.

Either way, if you disable it, it shouldn’t get added back by itself.

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If you use any Alexa Smart Devices (smart speaker, display, streaming, etc.) to control, view or access your Wyze devices like I do extensively, deleting the Wyze Skill from within the Alexa App will terminate all ability to access the Wyze devices.

Unfortunately, Alexa does not provide an option to not gather and report Linked Device status and activity. This data is a requirement for other Alexa features like Hunches. If you need to maintain the Alexa-Wyze Skill link to maintain the integration, the nearest you can come, short of manually deleting the data on a regular basis, is limiting it to 3 months of history. But, Alexa still received all the data.

I actually use the data on occasion when I come across a situation where my Wyze app isn’t picking up device activity and triggering properly. Since all my devices are linked, I can review the history in Alexa to see if the device registered a status change or update. This tells me where the possible issue may be occuring… locally, server, or Wyze App.

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That sounds useful, where do you view that history?

Amazon Alexa App, 3 bar stack “More” menu, Settings, Alexa Privacy, Review Smart Home Device History


That’s awesome. They need to make a shortcut to that :slight_smile: I’m going to use it a lot now. Wish Wyze would make a one-stop device history page like that in the Wyze app.