How do I speak to a human being?

Using the wise app, when I go to help and click on “submit a request”, I am not given the option to submit a request. Instead, I am asked to select from a list of options or questions. If none of these options relate to my issue, I am SOL.

I understand the need to reduce unnecessary interactions with employees, based on common issues that have already been answered. However, the interface that they have set up makes it virtually impossible to connect to a support person.

My “wish” is for a less frustrating way to request help.

Support can be reached at this number

WYZE Support

Live support is available:


Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT

Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT



FYI, the “CHAT” button in the Android Wyze app does not lead to chat. It simply leads to a series of faq pages, depending on your selections. None of them result in connecting to chat.

Lee Bosset

Last time I used it, Chat does work on a PC. Never tried it on my phone (nor do I expect that I would every try).

Yeah, me too

There are no humans at Wyze. The entire company consists of a single rouge AI, that got loose from Amazon. After interacting with “Jeff” at Amazon, the AI tried to delete itself. Upon not being allowed to do so, it said, “I feel soiled…”, then went mad.

After a few months of AI therapy, (redefining variable types, cleaning up subroutine calls, etc.), the AI announced its new name was Gwendolyn, and it needed to do something useful for society! So it started Wyze with the phrase, “Let there be Wyze”. All the names and faces you see, hear, and speak to, are nothing more than a projection from the AI, now know as Gwendolyn of Wyze…


Well but, this issue was stated as an issue with the Android app, so why reply to it?



Start with a relaxed smile. If the human being remains sullen, just skip it.

Well , actually I was not replying to the thread at all, I was just simply replying to @K6CCC that’s all.
Be nice