How do I program the Doorbell to announce a message to the person outside?

Despite the long wait for portrait orientation on FireTV, we love our Wyze Doorbell but need some help with setting up an announcement through the Doorbell’s speaker. When the Doorbell is pressed, we would like the Doorbell’s speaker to announce something like:
“We are on our way to the front door; please be patient. Thank you.”
We set this up as a routine in Alexa, but there is no option to select the Doorbell’s speaker as an Alexa device.
We tried setting it up as a Rule in the Wyze app, but find no option for Speaker Announcements under Select Action.
Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.


Don’t know, but a question. What do you expect it to do when you’re not home?

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There is no way to do this currently that I know of. the only way to control the speaker is manually. but if you are alerted you can manually trigger some Wyze recorded statements like the one you mentioned above.

Good point! :joy:

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That’s very disappointing. Right now we have a Routine set in Alexa to make the announcement, but it only comes out of our Amazon Echo, not the Wyze Doorbell. I guess I could pick up an Echo Flex the next time they go on sale and stick it in the outdoor AC outlet, but I’d like to see more automation available directly in the Wyze Doorbell.

I hadn’t thought of an auto reply, that might be worthy of a wishlist topic. now that you bring it up it seems like that would have many uses.

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It doesn’t have to be an automated reply or routine at all. This need could be handled simply by making the acknowledgement tone at the doorbell customizable - that is, be able to program it to go “ding dong, please wait a minute for us to get there” upon pressing the button.

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As senior citizens, it takes us longer to get to the door. Some people assume we are not home and leave before we manage to get to the door.
Also, there could be homes of younger people where there is a greater distance to reach the front door, or they could be out in their backyard. An optional automated acknowledgment through the Doorbell’s speaker seems like it would be a useful on/off feature easily added by Wyze?

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PS - I went to see if the Echo Flex was on sale at Amazon and was surprised to find they are sold out, and eBay is selling them for double or triple the normal Amazon price, so something must be in the works with that device! One more reason to have that function built into the Wyze Doorbell I guess.

This should be implemented with home and away rules and I feel they can easily do it.

If away and the doorbell is pushed > Play custom message


Would the existing “Be There Shortly” canned voice response suffice?

It actually says “Hey – I’ll be at the door shortly”.

Also, you can use the microphone to say anything you like.

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Oh that’s already there?

I just checked Amazon and at the moment there are two used Flexes for $7.

Too Late - I must have missed those two used Flexs.
The canned message on the phone does not solve the problem -
sitting with the phone in my lap all the time;
grabbing the phone if it’s nearby:
finding and opening the Wyze app;
selecting and going to the Doorbell page;
pressing the three dots;
then pressing “Quick Responses”;
then selecting and pressing the one of the three canned messages that says “Be there shortly”:
would only ADD more delay to the effort to get to the door in a timely manner :rofl:!
I can just picture in my mind a meeting of the Design Committee where the chairman asks:
"Will the person who designed that please raise his/her hand? " :rofl:


Yes, while I was calling that up I thought it’d be quicker just to press the mic button. Then I thought it’d be MUCH quicker just to answer the door! That is way to hard to use, all right.

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Was even thinking about playing a message when UPS/Amazon/Fedex shows up. Ability to play random pre-recorded messages can be fun and interrsting for them, too.


How about something like: “Sorry I can’t come to the door right now, I’m giving the kids a bath” or some other lame excuse.


That’s exactly what I was going to recommend.

Mysteriously, Amazon keeps reporting that the Echo Flex is:
“Currently unavailable. We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.”
Usually that means that a newer model is in the works, but on the other hand eBay sellers are offering the current model at crazy high prices, many twice Amazon’s highest price or more, up to $61 ! Not sure what is going on but managed to find one “new in the box” seller from whom I was able to get one for about twenty bucks after applying an eBay discount coupon, worth it to satisfy my experimental curiosity.
It should arrive soon so I can tinker and report back here.

That’s too bad. They are really nifty, although the volume is comically low.

When I bought my first Echo Flex when they first came out, the instructions said that volume was adjustable progressively by unplugging and replugging the unit into the A/C outlet until you got it to where you liked it, and that did work for me. You might try that on yours.